About Frosted Robin®

Frosted Robin® cupcake café is a dream come true for us. As the parents of three children, we have created a business that thrives by bringing smiles to people’s faces.

We also both appreciate a work environment that is based on creating positive experiences for its customers and staff.

Our goal is not only to sell quality desserts and drinks. It is no less important to us to deliver a jolt of joy, a needed break from the rat race, and a valued memory of time spent with friends and family over a special dessert.

The concept for our café’s design was born from the fact that my family’s favorite gathering spot was always our kitchen. My Mom would cook and my brother, three sisters, and I would sit on the floor or on the counters and talk about anything and everything. Some of the best times of my life happened in that little kitchen.

We have reproduced that home-kitchen atmosphere in our café. We also try our best to offer a family vibe through our personable and fun style of customer service. Visit our San Diego, Seaport Village location and you are likely to be greeted by Guy and I. Visit our Camana Bay, Cayman Islands café and you will probably meet one of my dearest friends, the location owner, Cherryl Moore.

We hope you will explore and enjoy the many exotic flavors available at our cafés. They are inspired by our previous home in the Caribbean as well as many of the countries we have visited around the world. Your children are sure to be impressed by the added emphasis we place on icing artistry at Frosted Robin cupcake cafes. (Our children sure are!) Everyday you will find a selection of whimsical cupcake designs on display that are fun to look at and even more fun to eat.

Grab a friend or family member and head to Frosted Robin cupcake café. We look forward to seeing you!

About Frosted Robin Cupcakes

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